The Best Custom Interior Wayfinding Signage Company in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Blade Sign Installation

Does your business need directional signs? Company owners in the know, and savvy property managers, frequently work with Propel Signs & Graphics on the design, production, and installation of these products. What makes us a popular custom interior wayfinding signage company in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area?

Custom Interior Wayfinding Signage Company in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

A Wide Variety of Product Options

Our technicians understand that only complete customization results in signage your customers will appreciate. For this reason, we make signs that install as blades above the heads in a crowded hallway, as suite signs, or as room labels. If you do not have busy hallways, you may not need the blade sign but instead require a directional sign that helps visitors to navigate your hallways to specific departments, offices, or amenities.

Door Label

Be Confident in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Because we are on the cutting edge of ADA-compliant manufacturing and installation techniques, you know that each directional sign will be mounted at the precise height that the law specifies. Moreover, we use materials ideal for touching and easy cleaning when producing these signs. Paying close attention to this signage use ensures that you get long-term use out of it.

Office Sign

High-Quality Materials for Any Budget

Acrylic is a fantastic material when putting together wayfinding signs. It does well in any temperature, is versatile, and lets you clean the surface if needed. Depending on your branding, acrylic can mimic glass or take the form of a frosted cover. Some clients ask us to imprint a vinyl overlay that we then place on the acrylic. Others request a direct print. By the way, did you know that we can treat the material to mimic the look of polished stone?

Restroom sign

A Word on Branding

There used to be a time when directional signs in business locations around the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area were generic. They frequently came from big-box office supply stores and did not have any customization beyond the lettering on the front. At Propel Signs & Graphics, we do things differently.

  • Color matches. Space inside your store, office, or facility is limited. Use it to drive brand awareness and generate name recognition. Wayfinding signage can be fully customized to display brand tones. Even ADA-compliant signs, which have to follow specified color contrasts, can typically still show at least one color from your corporate palette.
  • Sizing. Our specialists will gladly visit your location for a site survey, which lets us determine the sizes of the signs. It prevents the products from overwhelming the space while being sufficiently large to fulfill their wayfinding functions.
  • Overall design. Which shapes are suitable for your space? Traditional geometric forms include rectangles and squares. However, you might prefer something with a minimalist appeal. Also, if you have directories with movable blades, you most likely want to stay with this look when you make changes.

Door Sign

How to Buy Wayfinding Signs

Now that you know that Propel Signs & Graphics is the custom interior wayfinding signage company in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area customers trust, is it not time to take a closer look at your venue? Where are you missing signs? Do you have all the room labels, suite signs, and amenity signage customers need? Call us today to discuss signage options, schedule a design appointment, or invite our technicians for a site survey!