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What are Tenant Signs?

Tenant signs are large, outdoor, freestanding signs that identify different businesses that operate on the same property.

Uses for Tenant Signs

Imagine a mini mall in Bloomington. Mini malls usually have substantial parking lots and those lots are usually situated between the building or buildings and the nearest road. People passing by won’t be able to identify the various businesses by trying to read the signs installed on their facades while driving by. However, with a tenant sign installed beside the road, passersby will easily notice these Bloomington businesses.

Types of Tenant Signs

Foam core, high-density urethane, wood, plastic, and metal are popular materials for the panels of tenant signs. The base could be made of brick or cement. Tenant signs display the names of multiple commercial tenants on the same property. They can be wide like a monument sign or tall and narrower like a pylon sign.

Why Choose us for Tenant Signs?

We can design a tenant sign that is not only durable but that is also made such that you can easily replace the sign panels that display the names of the businesses as they move in and out.

Benefits of Choosing us for Tenant Signs

Propel Signs can design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable tenant signs for clients in Bloomington and elsewhere in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area of Minnesota. We can also serve clients further afield, including those in Wisconsin and as far away as Iowa. Please contact us to learn more.