Property Management Company Replaces Cracked Vinyl Building Address Numbers in Wayzata MN

If your vinyl letters are peeling we can replace them

The three-story brick-façade building at 15600 Wayzata Boulevard is a Class A office space. The property management company in charge of the venue is clearly on top of its game. Recently, a representative contacted our sign shop to request assistance with vinyl building address numbers in Wayzata, MN.

Chic Vinyl Numerals Assist with Wayfinding

Vinyl Address Numbers to Repair in Wayzata MN
A close look and you can see the cracked vinyl.

We worked with the client on the selection of the color palette and font. To match the cream color of the entryway, we worked with a sheet of vinyl that would be virtually identical. Moreover, it contrasts beautifully with the building’s darker interior, which means that mounting the style elements to the glass was an ideal display location.

Image of Peeling Vinyl Graphics in Wayzata MN
Here’s another look at the cracked, peeling vinyl.

Design and fabrication of the building numbers were quick and easy. Similarly, removing old, cracked numbers was no problem. The installation, however, was a little more challenging. Not only have the numerals to be installed perfectly level, but we also had to observe the spacing just right. Moreover, the installation had to look perfectly centered and attractive from the foyer of the building, too.

Does Your Business Need New Building Numbers?

Fabricating Vinyl Address Numbers in Wayzata MN
Back in the shop fabricating the new vinyl address numbers.

The building number is a legal requirement. It allows first responders to find your location. That said, you do not have to sacrifice form for function. There are several ways of featuring building address numbers.

You have already seen the vinyl numbers. However, these are only one of the options.

Installing Vinyl Address Numbers in Wayzata MN
Installing the new vinyl address numbers.
  • Channel letters. You already know that channel letters allow for excellent visibility of names. Why not consider having your building numbers produced the same way? They will illuminate and make the façade stand out.
  • 3D Numbers. If you already have façade lighting in place, we recommend the installation of three-dimensional numerals. Suitable materials include acrylic, metal, and sign foam. We can paint the material to create an excellent counterpoint to the façade’s color.
  • Alternative display locations. Glass entryways or building corners are not the only places where you might install a number. Other options to consider are the monument sign, a pylon sign, or a stand-alone display that takes on an artistic form. A good example is a cast metal plaque mounted to a landscape boulder.

I Want to Know More About Vinyl Building Address Numbers in Wayzata, MN

Once the vinyl numbers were replaced..what difference
A look at the new address numbers on the window.

No matter which material and design you favor, our sign shop can help. Working with property management companies is also one of our specialties. When you already have specs that work for you, we can replicate them to maintain the look of the façade that the consumer has grown accustomed to. If you are unsure which font and color display would be a good choice for the space, we recommend inviting our team to visit your building for a site survey.

Vinyl Address Numbers in Wayzata MN
A look from the inside!

It is an excellent opportunity for us to take measurements, consider sizing, and look more closely at installation options. By the way, this is also the time to review your building letters so that the numbers fit in perfectly. For the client wondering about different materials, we gladly provide you with samples, so you can see what will go up on the façade.

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