Propel Signs Holds Minneapolis Regional Chamber Meeting with Distinguished Guests in Plymouth MN

Propel Signs Holds Chamber Meeting in Plymouth MN

In February of 2022, our team had the opportunity to host the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce meeting at Propel Signs. The guest speaker was Senator Ann Johnson Stewart, who represents areas of We can hold chamber meetings at Propel Signs in Plymouth MNPlymouth, Minnetonka, and Woodland in western Hennepin County. Senator Stewart offered valuable insights in legislative session updates and previews.

Among the 20 other attendees was County Commissioner Kevin Anderson, representing District 7. His district reaches all the way to St. Bonifacius, Rogers, and Champlin. Some of the hot topics that our speaker touched on were, of course, COVID, but also crime and the governor’s race. This listing of issues highlights some of the challenges today’s businesses in the area are dealing with:

  1. Building brand awareness.
  2. Generating brand knowledge.
  3. Establishing brand trust.

The pandemic has led to the shuttering of many businesses. Some were never able to open up again. As a result, customers have lost some faith in the staying ability of the local business community. Instead of supporting local small businesses, some went to the large companies that were much better able to make it through COVID challenges.

Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce meeting at Propel Signs

Add in the uncertainties of the gubernatorial election and the uptick in crime, and it makes sense that the consumer is yearning for ways to make lasting connections. Building our brand is one way of making it happen. You already know that Propel Signs & Graphics is at the forefront of working with business clients to develop corporate personas and brand messages.

Propel Signs Holds Chamber Meeting in Plymouth MN

In so doing, we learned several things about post-pandemic customer behavior that might be of value to you.

We can help hold a chamber meeting at our location in Plymouth MN

  • Customers want to connect. While they might have gone from supporting smaller businesses to shopping at the large ones, they still yearn for the connection that the small business operator provides. Many respond with signage that welcomes customers back or encourages social media connections. However, customers also want that personal touch of seeing the business’ owner or manager and chatting.
  • Small businesses need to show relevance. The big companies have the advantage of being known for ‘having everything’ that a shopper might want. A small business has to show that it, too, can meet the shopper’s needs for specific products or services. We have noticed that companies have begun to co-brand their corporate persona with the most popular brand they represent. Doing so can be as easy as featuring your company’s name and a logo alongside those of specific manufacturers.
  • Now is the time to rebrand. If you have been considering upgrading your brand presentation, now is the time to do so. It enables you to adjust colors, fonts, and overall brand displays to fit a changing consumer demographic and taste. Besides that, rebranding is always a good way of inviting the customer for a grand reopening.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to business success, the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce meeting at Propel Signs has highlighted that there is hope and a way forward.

Propel Sign Holds Camber Meeting to Collaborate in Plymouth MN

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