Parking and Directional Signage for Management Companies in Minnetonka, MN

Parking and Directional Signage in Minnetonka, MN

Our shop recently had an opportunity to work with BBQ Holdings, a multi-brand restaurant company. One of the brands they oversee is Bakers Square. When the client determined a need for targeted parking and directional signage in Minnetonka, MN, they contacted us to assist with custom product fabrication.

Parking Signs

Why Management Companies Invest in Directional and Parking Signs

Management companies frequently handle properties located in shopping centers, indoor malls, or other areas with a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. In addition to the advertising and brand-building signs that are part of the business, the management companies look for ways to draw more attention to their tenants. Concurrently, they want to prevent traffic-related problems by directing cars and pedestrians with signage.

Parking and Directional Signage in Minnetonka, MN

Custom Directional Signage Components for Bakers Square

As is the case with all signs that our shop manufactures, parking and directional products are fully customized for the client and the location. One of the best examples is the “Reserved” parking sign we did for this client. In addition to the brand’s corporate persona, the lettering is large and quick to read.

Therefore, visitors entering the parking lot immediately determine which spots are reserved for “to-go” orders and where to park for all other business. It allows companies to run efficiently and significantly decreases customer frustration. Besides that, adequate signage keeps everyone in the vicinity of the business safe.

Fabricating Parking Signs

What Sets Custom Directional Signs Apart from Other Products?

Custom signs are tailor-made. When you have a parking lot with existing sign posts but need to change the message the signage sends, the customization ensures that the products are correctly sized and made for installation with the specific hardware you have. It saves you money because you do not have to buy new posts or associated hardware.

Similarly, if you are looking to add temporary signage products that you can reuse over and over, we recommend working with our technicians on the design of laminated prints. They are great for A-frame signs as inserts or stand-alone products when mounted to foam core panels.

Post and panel signs

Is It Time to Review Your Parking Area for Needed Updates?

Every so often, property management companies conduct reviews of their signage products in the common areas of the locales they oversee. It lets you determine possible problem areas that growth in customer traffic could create. Moreover, tenants may have connected with your office to request specific exterior signage that governs foot traffic, parking, and general use of their allocated spaces.

Manufacturing parking signs

How to Buy Updated Parking and Directional Signage in Minnetonka, MN

Sometimes, we can reuse the products you already have and refurbish them. However, when this is not the case, our technicians will design and produce the products from high-quality, long-lasting materials. There are add-ons to consider, depending on your location. For example, anti-graffiti laminates are excellent choices when your property is frequently the target of taggers.

Another attractive choice is the selection of a reflective laminate that brightens the message when cars’ headlights illuminate it. This is a popular safety feature that appeals to numerous property managers. Call our shop today to learn more about your options and place an order!