Monument Sign Refurbishing for Long Lake, MN, Homeowners Association

Sign Refurbishing

Long Lake is one of the most attractive shopping destinations in Hennepin County. Residents value the opportunity to live in this cozy community. If you have been driving through the city, you will notice several construction projects for upgrades to local infrastructure. In this spirit, a local HOA contacted us for a monument sign refurbishing in Long Lake, MN.

Rehabbing a Monument to Bring Back Its Former Beauty

The client liked the sign’s construction and setup. However, it was clear that weathering and the passage of time had significantly faded its colors. They knew that Propel Signs & Graphics specializes in sign refurbishing, which would restore the monument to its former beauty.

Monument Sign Refurbishing in Long Lake MN

Monument Sign Refurbishing

We conducted a site survey to determine if the sign was a good candidate for refurbishing. One of the primary considerations is the structural soundness of the product. After verifying that this monument still had a long life ahead, we took a three-step approach.

  1. Clean. The first step or any sign refurbishing is a good cleaning. Although the HOA had done an excellent job maintaining the sign, this would be a commercial cleaning that would remove much more than even standard scrubbing.
  2. Seal. This monument is made from stone, cement, and ornamental rocks. In between these pieces, there is grout. We sealed the stones and the grout, which cuts down on the natural discoloration that occurs over time. It also protects the perfect color palette the client had selected during the product’s initial construction.
  3. Repaint. The final step was a repainting of the logo and lettering. We custom-matched the color to the HOA’s choice. It creates a tone that complements the stone elements but stands out so that residents and visitors have an easy time locating the neighborhood.

Sign Refurbishing

The transformation from the “before” look to the “after” presentation is significant.

Which Signs are Ideal for Refurbishing?

There are many cases when you do not have to resort to ordering a completely new sign. In some situations, freshening or refurbishing is all you need. For example, if you have 3D building letters made from metal or acrylic, there is a good chance that we can repaint and refinish them for a bold appearance. Of course, if the material is too damaged to do so, we will let you know during the site survey.

You already know that monument signs are excellent candidates for rehabbing. By the way, you do not have to redo the exact presentation. We can exchange painted letters for 3D elements. Some clients have opted to install lighted signs to replace non-lit letters. A similar product that refurbishes well is the pylon. We typically repair and paint the structure, replace LEDs or retrofit the sign for LED installation, and produce new facings.

Monument Sign Refurbishing

What Do Customers Notice When They First See Your Signs?

Does your brand message clearly resonate with everyone who sees your building sign or monument? Conversely, is the sign faded? Does it no longer fulfill its advertising or wayfinding function? Discuss your findings with our specialists and learn more about monument sign refurbishing in Long Lake, MN.