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What are Lighted Commercial Signs?

Commercial signs can be an incredibly cost-effective form marketing. But cost-effective doesn’t mean you can get away without spending any money. Investing a little extra to illuminate your commercial signs will pay dividends because lighted commercial signs have greater visibility and thus generate more impressions than their unilluminated counterparts.

Uses for Lighted Commercial Signs

Lighted commercial signs are handy for identifying and promoting businesses, branding spaces, and advertising products. Lighted commercial signs can be seen from a distance, at night, and in all the different types of weather we get here in Minnesota.

Types of Lighted Commercial Signs

What light source should you choose for your commercial sign?Incandescent, fluorescent, and neon signs all have significant drawbacks. The wise choice would probably be a light-emitting diode (LED). LEDs don’t have that awful blueish hue that fluorescent lights have, and they are far more efficient and longer lasting than incandescent bulbs.

Why Choose Us for Lighted Commercial Signs?

A lighted commercial sign is often the first part of your Minnesota business that anybody sees. You must make the right first impression. We can craft a lighted commercial sign that is perfect for your business.

Benefits of Choosing us for Lighted Commercial Signs

Propel Signs can design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable lighted commercial signs for clients in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area of Minnesota. We can also serve clients further afield, including those in Wisconsin and as far away as Iowa. Please contact us to learn more.