How to Use Window Privacy Film for Offices in Maple Grove MN

Window Privacy Film for the Healthcare Industry in Maple Grove MN

Propel Signs & Graphics specializes in designing, producing, and installing window privacy film for offices in Maple Grove, MN. These products transform offices or conference rooms with windows into semi-private settings. No matter how much glass you have, we can create a display that looks great, fits in perfectly with your interior decor, and looks like it was always meant to be in your space.

A Closer Look at Privacy Film Options

Window Privacy Film for the Healthcare Industry in Maple Grove MN

Recently, our technicians had the opportunity to work for a medical office. Along with law firms and accountants, these are the types of spaces where privacy is a must-have. However, you do not have to close off glass surfaces and thereby lose all the natural light that comes in. After all, the natural illumination is most likely why you wanted to move into the office space in the first place.

Window Privacy Film for Medical Offices in Maple Grove MN

There are different levels of privacy vinyl installations. Most clients prefer the light gray vinyl that looks fantastic on the middle third of your glass surfaces. It leaves the top and bottom thirds clear while completely obscuring the look inside the room. It is a favorite of doctors’ offices and those with floor-to-ceiling glass walls for conference rooms. When you look in from the outside, you might see shapes but little more.

Enhancing the Appearance of Your Privacy Film

Window Privacy Film in Maple Grove MN

The basic frosted gray look is the starting point. From there, you can boost the great looks of the material with a broad range of brand-focused solutions.

Frosted and etched vinyl window graphics in Plymouth MN

  • Imprints. Did you know that our technicians can print your company’s name or logo on the frosted vinyl? It looks chic, adds a brand focus to the exterior, and catches the eye. We can print in a wide variety of colors, depending on your preference.
  • Cutouts. Another option that our clients like is the cutout. Rather than printing your corporate name on the vinyl, we cut out the letters to give the frosted glass treatment an etched presentation. It is chic, looks sophisticated, and gives the illusion that you spent a lot of money on custom window treatments.
  • Colorful vinyl. A departure from the norm is the installation of colorful vinyl. While it is rare that clients request this material for their projects, 3M makes frosted vinyl in various hues. If you are looking for ways to add splashes of color to your venue, opting for a colorful glass treatment might be exactly what you could use.

Discussing Privacy Film Options with the Specialists at Propel Signs & Graphics

Window Privacy Film in Plymouth MN

Do you think you could use products similar to the window privacy film for offices in Maple Grove, MN, which we recently installed? If you are unsure what setup would look perfect at your location, invite our team to come in for a site survey! Our graphic artist will gladly design something unique that is ideally suited for your brand.

Window Privacy Film for Offices in Plymouth MN

Our shop serves the business communities in and around Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area of Minnesota. We also serve Plymouth, Bloomington, Edina, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, and St. Louis Park, MN. Call us today at (612) 723-4733!

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