Digitally Printed Trailer Graphics in the Twin Cities for Northern Star Mustang Club

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If you are a Ford Mustang enthusiast in or around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, there is a good chance that you are a member of the Northern Star Mustang Club. A chapter of the Mustang Club of America since 2020, members’ rides include trailered vehicles. Recently, we had the opportunity to produce and install digitally printed trailer graphics in the Twin Cities for the Club.

Digitally Printed Trailer Graphics in the Twin Cities

Advertising the Club with a Large Decal

Our client has a large trailer for car transport. Its black sides are perfect for featuring the Club’s name and logo. When would-be members visit the Northern Star Mustang Club website, they see the logo at the top of the website. They see it repeated a few times, frequently along with the decal for the Mustang Club of America.

Trailer Graphics

Since the client represented the local Club, focusing attention on that logo made sense. It presents with a white backdrop, black letters, and the colors blue and red. As you might imagine, it is perfect for a display against a black background.

Vehicle Graphics

At the shop, technicians scanned the specs to ensure a perfect color match and rendition of the name and logo. We were then able to print out the large decal. Since the client’s trailer featured several rivets, the installation was challenging. Of course, our team is well-versed in dealing with rivets, and you will notice that the product is installed perfectly without bubbles, rips, or tears.

Vehicle Decals are Ideal Brand-Building Tools

The client already had a smaller sticker of the same image on the trailer. However, it was not large enough to generate brand awareness or advertise the Club. Besides that, it lacked the decal’s custom shape. If you step back a little, it becomes clear that we sized the graphic perfectly for the trailer’s sides. It stands out, supports the proportions of the setup, and is durable advertising.

Trailer Decals

Because the client invited us to place a sticker for our shop on the trailer, we took them up on the offer. You will see it toward the bottom right of the conveyance, where it highlights our ability to create gradient color changes and stunning graphics. The client loved the new look of the trailer and did not waste any time having his picture taken next to the installed decal.

Vehicle Graphics Advertising

Shopping for Trailer Wraps, Graphics, and Decals

Do you have a trailer you use for a hobby or business? Maybe you use a trailer at a school. Add digitally printed trailer graphics in the Twin Cities to stand out on the road. Advertise your program or business. Encourage would-be customers or members to reach out and learn more. Because each trailer graphic, wrap, or decal is fully customizable, you are in control of the information you feature.

A full wrap lets you maximize the information people see. We can also put together a partial wrap that covers between 25% and 75% of the vehicle. And, of course, there is no limit on the graphics, lettering, and decals we can place on it. Call our shop today to discuss the design of your next trailer graphics!