Custom Designed Wall Graphics and Murals for Schools in Minneapolis, MN

Murals for Schools in Minneapolis MN

Propel Signs & Graphics not only works with the local business community, but we also cater to the needs of educational facilities. An excellent example is the Twin Cities International Schools at 277 12th Avenue N. The administration focuses on preparing students to meet global challenges. Creating an atmosphere conducive to this goal is essential. The administration needed customized wall graphics and murals for schools in Minneapolis, MN, and contacted our shop to assist with the project.

Murals for Schools in Minneapolis MN

Determining the Scope of the Graphics Project

The first step to a successful project is understanding the client’s vision in detail. During our conversations, we learned that the administration was looking for murals, wall decals, and custom-designed graphics. An integral aspect of the graphics products was a welcome sign in multiple languages, which would be immediately visible upon entering the facility.

Customized Wall Graphics

The targeted location for the decals was the lobby. We measured the walls, reception desk, and foyer dimensions. Doing so is critical to determine the correct sizing of the individual pieces. Make a mistake here, and the graphics will be too large and overwhelm the area. Conversely, they may be too small and get lost with other interior decor elements. Even a tiny mistake becomes glaringly apparent.

Fabricating and Installing Customized Wall Murals and Decals for the School

With the measurement and specs in hand, we returned to the shop and got to work. Our graphic artist designed the images that would be printed for the client. To minimize seams, we relied on large format color print, which looks great and is well-suited for larger decals and murals. Some elements were die-cut to ensure the same height and width of the pieces.

Customized Wall Murals

The final step was the installation. Our technicians made an appointment with the client to affix the murals and decals. The goal was to undertake this task when we would not be disrupting the flow of foot traffic and work. Once we were done with the project, the lobby doubled as a robust brand-building opportunity while concurrently welcoming students, teachers, and parents. Besides that, the mural and decals make the space look attractive and contemporary.

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Using Vinyl Wall Graphics, Decals, and Murals to Your Advantage

Schools are among the clients most likely to be already familiar with vinyl graphics for their spaces. Because these products are budget-friendly, excellent for adding splashes of color, and fully customizable, they are preferred to traditional wall treatments in areas where hallways see a lot of foot traffic. That said, you do not have to run a school to appreciate the advantages that vinyl graphics bring to the table.

For example, corporate offices, restaurants, warehouses, and retail locations can use murals and decals for advertising and branding. And, if your site needs a little something extra to underscore a particular brand feature or simply bring a contemporary look and feel to a space, the inexpensive vinyl products let you change the targeted area overnight.

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