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What are Building/Business Signs?

While any sign installed on the exterior wall of a building can be called a “building sign”, the term most often refers to a sign that identifies a building. If that building hosts to a business, then it is also a business sign.

Uses for Building/Business Signs

You can find building signs everywhere from apartment buildings in Minneapolis, to office buildings in St. Paul, to myriad other types of buildings all over Minnesota. Business signs both promote and identify businesses, but so do building signs. Even the signs that identify buildings at the University of Minnesota are, in a way, promoting the university and its aesthetics.

Types of Building/Business Signs

Building signs can be made from multiple different materials. Your Minneapolis business or St. Paul building could use an engraved sign, a metal sign, 3D lettering, apole sign, a pylon sign, a monument sign, or something else.

Why Choose Us for Building/Business Signs?

At Propel Signs, we know that building and business signs need to be not only aesthetically appealing, but durable as well. We can recommend the materials, style, and format that best suit your brand in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area.

Benefits of Choosing us for Building/Business Signs

Propel Signs can design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable building and business signs for clients in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area of Minnesota. We can also serve clients further afield, including those in Wisconsin and as far away as Iowa. Please contact us to learn more.