Attractive HDU Outdoor Park Signs for the City of North Mankato, MN

HDU Outdoor Signs in North Mankato MN

The home of the Taylor Corporation and Angie’s Artisan Treats, the City of North Mankato is also home to a variety of parks and popular hiking trails. Recently, city officials contacted us to discuss the design, production, and installation of HDU outdoor signs in North Mankato, MN.

HDU Outdoor Signs in North Mankato MN

Understanding the Material: What is High-Density Urethane

Abbreviated as HDU, the material consists of environmentally-friendly polyurethane. In the sign business, we use it to hand carve products, fabricate them with a sandblaster, or use HDU with a CNC router. It is an excellent choice for exterior signs since it is virtually waterproof, allows us to paint or stain it, and has sufficient strength to deal with winds.

High Density Urethane Signs

Creating Attractive Park Signs Using HDU That Will Last for a Long Time

City officials needed signs for North Ridge Park, King Arthur Park, Walter S. Farm Park, and Pleasant View Park. In addition to the names of the parks, the client also requested the display of an address. Besides these instructions, the signs were to be double-sided and feature the City’s name, colors, and logo as a brand outreach tool.

High Impact Resistance

After the client selected a shape that fits well with the area and its architecture, our technicians got to work.

  • Shaping. We shaped the sheets of HDU to allow for the form the client had picked out. You will notice that it has a small-town vibe with a classical corner edging.
  • Fabricating. The client wanted the style elements to stand out. Concurrently, the signs were supposed to mimic the look and depth of wood. Could we have used natural wood? Sure, but HDU lasts much longer, does not rot, and is of no interest to burrowing insects.
  • Finishing work. We painted the backdrop green, with the framing in wood brown. The letters stand out in white, which makes them easy to read even from a distance. Our team made separate pieces for the addresses, following the same design plan.

Attractive Park Signs

The final step is the installation. Did you know that we can mount high-density urethane signs to poles, hang them from ceilings, or install them flush to a wall? Some clients also select HDU boards as their post and panel sign centerpieces.

Is HDU Right for You and Your Company’s Indoor or Outdoor Signage Needs?

We have already discussed that the material is tough and suitable for outdoor use. The signs have high impact resistance, meaning you could hit them with a hammer and not cause any damage. Even so, the material is lightweight, which makes it perfect for buildings with otherwise problematic facade designs.

Address Signs

If you are thinking of selecting HDU outdoor signs in North Mankato, MN, as building signs, monument sign panels, or wayfinding tools, we can help. Our graphic artist will gladly sit down with you to create a design that perfectly fits your location. By the way, HDU is also excellent for interior signs. Consider the material for lobby signage, suite signs, or ADA-compliant products.

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