What Are 3D Signs and Lettering?

3D Signs | Minneapolis | St Paul | Maple Grove | Plymouth MN3D Signs and lettering expand beyond the two-dimensional plane. They are letters that project off a sign panel or surface. These letters are becoming a top choice for many types of businesses.

Best Uses for These Signs

These dimensional signs stand out well because their extra depth of field draws more attention. A big part of effective signage is communicating something beyond simply the text you display. This can be done with font choice, colors, patterns, and more. These choices are embellished with 3D lettering. For example, an impactful font choice for a Minneapolis law firm will be more prominent with a 3D sign.

Types of Lettering and Three Dimensional Signs

Flush Mount LettersSignage products are made from PVC, cut plexiglass, plexiglass on foam, cast metal, polished brass, and a few other options exist, too. As far as mounting options go, 3D Letters can be pin-mounted, bottom rail mount, top rail mount, or on a raceway.

In addition, if you choose these letters, it is possible to fabricate them using your corporate font and colors. Brand consistency across all your signage is a must-do. For example, your building sign colors should be in your lobby sign.

Why Choose Us?

The benefits offered by 3D signs are null and void if they are not designed properly. At Propel Signs, we can design 3D signs and lettering that not only stand out but also represent your Minnesota brand in the best way possible. We can design 3D signs and lettering to communicate creativity, professionalism, reliability, or any other quality you want.

Bottom mount lettersPropel Signs can design, manufacture, and install high-quality and durable letters and 3D signs for clients in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area of Minnesota. We can also serve clients further afield, including those in Wisconsin and as far away as Iowa. Please contact us to learn more.

Areas We Serve for 3D Signs and Lettering

We proudly serve the areas of Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Maple Grove, Plymouth, and Minnetonka, MN  Call us at 612-723-4733.

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